Working as a Travel Nurse While Homeschooling

October 29th, 2014 by

travel nurse homeschooling her kidsDoes your family enjoy exploring new places and look forward to the next adventure? Have you considered travel nursing, but don’t think it is a valid option?

Well, think again! Traveling with children can provide a unique bonding and educational experience for the entire family.

While some nurses allocate travel adventures for summer breaks, others utilize homeschooling as an alternative to traditional scheduling. There is no enrollment paperwork involved with each move, and school time can be tailored to your family’s changing needs.

The typical travel assignment is 13 weeks; however, some contracts can extend to 6 months or longer. That is a perfect amount of time to traverse through a new city experiencing the way of life in a different locale.

Imagine the field trips and learning experiences that can complement your child’s education. You can arrange visits to city hall, museums, an aquarium, the mountains or even the ocean to coordinate with a particular lesson. The possible educational opportunities are unlimited. With a controlled environment that is structured to your child’s pace and style of learning, you have the ability to nurture natural talents and interests.

Obviously, traveling with a family will require some degree of planning. Most travel agencies will assist in getting your family settled in a new city, and even cover a portion of your housing costs. Plan ahead by scouting out a pediatrician, vet and other services prior to your start date.

Bringing along family mementos and your child’s favorite toys can help create familiar surroundings and a level of comfort in your new home. Keeping in close contact with friends and family members via Skype is easier than ever now, and can also help to ease the transition away from home.

Also, encourage your child to build new friendships by arranging play dates or group field trips within your new community.

If this lifestyle sounds appealing to you and your family, contact your local travel nurse recruiter to discuss the details. With the current nationwide nursing shortage, there is surely a need for your specialty somewhere within this great United States. Go and explore!




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Cynthia MacDonald

Cynthia MacDonald has been a registered nurse for 17, with most of her clinical background focused in pediatric and neonatal intensive care. She has worked in hospitals and also extensively as an agency nurse traveling locally to hospitals in order to fulfill staffing needs, both per diem and on a contract basis. This provides her with a wide base of knowledge and experience on how area hospitals operate their units, and also how different doctors practice. She enjoys working with children and babies on a daily basis, and also interacting with their families during a time of crisis, making their stay as pleasant as possible.

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